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Please join the waiting list if you are a new client wanting lash extensions.

Taking on new clients for Lash Lift and Tint & Brow Laminations, patch test required.

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Our Services


Eyelash Extensions

This service is known for providing remarkable results tailored to each client to give the desired look. Lash extensions involve applying individual extensions onto each natural lash through the process of isolation in order to avoid any damage to the natural lash. This semi- permanent treatment is perfect for holidays, events or even day to day life as it gives a beautiful enhancement with minimal effort by adding length, curl and thickness.

Lash Lift and Tint

Lash lift and tint is the perfect alternative for those who want to enhance their lashes but desire a more natural look. Lashes by GB works closely with each client to understand exactly what they’re looking for ensure they get those results. Lash lift and tint involves uplifting and curling the natural lash from the base in order for them to stand out and look longer with the tint darkening them.


Brow Services

NEW! Brow services are new to Lashes by GB, but the wait was worth it! Lashes by GB now offers ‘brow wax and tint’ and ‘brow lamination’ as separate treatments or alongside lashes. Brow wax and tint is perfect for those who want to darken their brows as well as tidying them up. Brow lamination is for those who like a bolder, fluffier brow look.


Lashes by GB also offers a range of products which can be purchased through the website or in store.


Our Story

Based in Brighton, Lashes by GB has the aim to make you feel as comfortable as possible from the moment you step in and more confident within yourself from the moment you leave. Specialising in lash extensions, Lashes by GB offers a range of beauty treatments including lash extensions, lash lift and tint and brow services, as well as a range of products, all products at a high standard of quality.

Policies and Important Information

Please read all policies as well as the information regarding patch testing before arriving to your appointment.

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